First contact?

Send GPG-encrypted mail to:

gpg --recv-keys 2D3DA6CD74AB3D37

Identity linking

Note that I don't necessarily use the services listed below.


If there's something I did that you'd like to donate for, then send ether to:


JIC, that should resolve to:



These are rudimentary API packages to the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange. The python2 version is no longer maintained.

See python3-krakenex and python2-krakenex.

If you wish to donate for my efforts, send to:

Arch Linux AUR packages

I maintain a few packages in the Arch User Repository. I've previously submitted and maintained a few more. Not all of them are in the list though, since AUR had a major version bump.


I used to maintain sgminer, but not anymore.

It started as a personal project when cgminer discontinued Scrypt support, which I was using at the time. It has since been transferred to a Github organisation of several developers.

Please don't mail me with feature requests, I've moved away from mining completely.

To chat with the current developers, try #sgminer and #sgminer-dev on freenode.


I was part of the darkwallet development team, participating mostly as a tester and discussion moderator. Haven't been involved with it since March 2015 or so.

libbitcoin-server testnet node

The server is permanently offline, since I don't have time to play with it anymore. Maybe next year.

Note to namecoin and OpenDNS users

The domain name veox.bit has been hijacked.

Last updated: 2018-04-12